April 13, 2015
9 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a New Relationship
May 13, 2015

What Godly Women should look for in a man?

Are you a beautiful heaven sent woman who doesn’t know what to look for when choosing the right King to give your heart to?

 Well with Gods wisdom… I’m here to guide you make that cautious decision. Below are 7 steps to help you clarify the traits and characteristics of the man that should have your heart. Excited!? Well you should be lol.


1) He loves Jesus: You should know this was #1 ladies, if he doesn’t know your father in heaven, he wouldn’t understand you. If he doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus, then don’t have a relationship with him. I’m not saying you shouldn’t invite him to church or speak to him, but be very cautious whom you give YOUR heart to. Copy that? Good! The man you should marry should motivate you to be more Christ-like, but he wont know what that looks like if he doesn’t know Jesus the King!


2) He is HUMBLE! My favorite word! HUMBLE: If a man’s favorite subject is to talk about himself, then buy him a mirror and leave him alone. Self-centered isn’t God centered ladies. Be careful with a man who is more into himself than he is with God and your heart. A real man is humble. If he is not humble he won’t be able to see where he messes up! Humility serves and cares about others and loves others because it is Gods will.


3) He is open with you: We all know that communication is key right? RIGHT! Most relationships fail because of this same reason… lack of communication and sharing of feelings. Guys? It isn’t weak for you to share your feelings with the one you love and want to marry. It doesn’t make you any less of a man. Trust me… I’m learning this everyday as well. And it builds trust!

Relationships are not difficult to maintain, if they involve healthy communication among one other. When each one knows how the other person thinks and feels about certain things, there is more openness and freedom in the relation, thus making it easier to maintain it. Communication is the only means by which you can know about the person you are interested in and when you know the way he/she is, maintaining a relationship with him or her becomes easy.


4) You’re not bored with him: No one wants a boring relationship! Well not me lol I love FUN FUN FUN!

Couples who play together stay together

A relationship enriched with humor and laughter has the qualities of being solid and fulfilled. Couples who play and laugh together have a stronger bond and are able to overcome stressful issues more easily. 

Humorous conversation is a key to good relationships

Good-humored communication keeps the harmony flowing. Initiating playful jokes, paying attention to humorous moments and reminiscing on happy situations in the past adds interest to a couple’s daily conversation.

Make time to have fun together

Setting aside time to have fun, helps ease the stress in our daily lives. Entertain each other by watching comedy movies, plan fun date nights and act silly together. Playing games such as sexy truth or dare, Strip Scrabble and creating romantic coupons helps to preserve flirtation in a relationship.

Laughter is good medicine for relationships

A good sense of humor is attractive and laughter is infectious. Just hearing a person laugh puts others in good spirits. Laughing together creates a positive and relaxing atmosphere.


5) He honors his mom and women: Moms can be annoying… very annoying Especially mine and she’s Caribbean so you know that’s a lot of talk in de house lol ß trini accent

Man without the woman has no suitable helper and no adequate companion in all the universe. Women, wives, and mothers are to be honored as a special blessing to man. She was made from man’s rib by a miracle of God-and like man’s rib, she is to be at his side, not under his feet or over his head. Man is to make a unique place in his heart and life for his wife: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Gen. 2:18-24). The man who breaks these promises to make his wife first, to keep himself to her alone, and to blend his life with hers is himself a dishonor to all that is holy and good. He is to seek her well-being and to share every blessing he has with her. He is to protect her and provide her every need. In blessing her, he blesses himself, for she is an honor to him! She can enlarge and enhance everything about him, for good or for bad.

6) He is honest with you: To be really simple.. You shouldn’t waste your time with a man who will waste your time lying to you. That simple! Don’t entertain someone who thinks you aren’t worth the truth.


7) He is a gentleman: AWE! Every woman wants to be treated like a queen. Lol right? Of course I’m right lol

He should always greet you politely, and always compliment you. He should not only greet you with a compliment, but with flowers too. Open the car door for you anytime you leave or go into the car. He should never disrespect you by saying rude or pompous remarks. When you’re on a date with him, make sure he listens. If he sees someone disrespecting you, then he should stand up and defend you. This does not mean get in a fight, but he should protect his lady’s honor. When you are officially dating, he should always or sometimes lol hold your hand in public places and give you that surprise kiss that will sweep her off her feet (i try my best to keep up with that lol). Never let the women pay, but if she offers lol.. hey! Similar to the car door, he should pull out the chair for you. Finally, he should not let an argument reveal his temper. If you and him are having a dispute, just drop it. There is nothing worse than a man or woman who thinks they’re is always right. And Remember: Chivalry is not dead!

You are highly valued with a gentlemen. Treating a woman well requires a combination of common courtesy and uncommon acts of love and kindness. Being a gentleman revolves around one word: respect. It’s respect for yourself, those you care about, and those you want to care about.

God bless you and thank you for reading!!! 🙂

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Keishorne Scott
Keishorne Scott is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Award Winner and Entrepreneur who was born in the Town Of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Barbados and then moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of eight where he has been resting his head ever since. While growing up in Canarsie in Brookyn he knew he was going to be the one to make a change. Inspired by friends and family; he knew he had the love and support to pursue in making a difference. Keishorne is also the founder of the “One More Educated Black Man” Mentoring Organization. By having such support he has been able to create this organization that allows the youth to step outside of the box and create futures of their own by gaining a helping hand for positive men who cares.

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