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As humans, we hate hard work sometimes! The sound of it makes us moan and groan. We sit around and wait for people to give us things. Hand outs may seem better than working for something, fighting for something or even fighting for someone. That’s why fast food restaurants are making a killing because we hate cooking! It’s true; it takes too much time and the dreadful part of cleaning up after is exhausting. Well I guess that’s just me. Relationships are a little different, taking work to maintain and be happy.  Before you commit to anyone or anything, you’ll have to be ready to WORK AND MAKE SACRIFICES. To be happy and joyful for the years to come, I’m giving you FOUR ways which you can add value to your relationship.


Show Affection


Men, don’t be so hard core and strong that you don’t show your woman some love. Be there for her, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. You are not less of a man when you show your woman some affection. It makes you in tune to who you are and what your woman wants. Don’t allow the lack of affection to end your love life early. Express your love for each other and maintain it.  If you are aiming for a long term serious, long lasting, successful relationship, you need to commit to your partners’ emotional well-being, even when it isn’t easy. This means sharing affection with your partner, through good times and bad, when it’s most needed and when it’s least expected! I’m rooting for you! Oh, and let’s not forget being romantic!



Settle Arguments In a Peaceful Way



Apologize, forgive, and make up with each other. Remember, forgiving someone doesn’t mean you’re weak. If you threaten each other to break up after every fight or argument, you will never resolve anything and your relationship will weaken. Talk through disagreements as long as it takes until you both feel comfortable moving forward. Don’t hold grudges, because you both will start feeling weird around each other. This is when the possibility of the flame goes out and you may start looking for a light elsewhere. Consider this a big NO!


Trust and Honesty

Mutual trust is the core. It is founded in respect and loyalty towards one another. You need to respect each other on all levels. Respect them when they’re with you and when they’re not. Love them enough to respect their body, mind, secrets, fears and struggles. What’s said between the both of you, should stay between the both of you. Be able to trust each other in everything. Don’t take your partners trust for granted, because the heart is fragile and love is already a risk. Don’t say you’ll do something and don’t do it.  Follow through because broken promises hurt, so keep your word. A relationship without trust is like a phone with no service. What do you do with a phone with no service? YOU PLAY GAMES!


Communicate about Anything and Everything


Communication in a relationship allows us to share interests, aspirations, and concerns, to support each other. Remember that you two are a team. You should be each other’s best friend and biggest supporter. I realize that good communication comes from the way we talk, listen, and how our body language translates similar messages. Learn how to read your woman because you know how they move already. Those “Don’t touch me” and “I’m fine” is hard to read. Talk to each other, no matter how well you know each other. You cannot read your partners mind, unless you’re a mind reader. We need to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings that may cause hurt, anger and confusion.


Make an effort to maintain your relationship. WORK on it! Work hard at keeping it positive, upbeat, healthy and the best you can. PS: don’t ever guess that you think what your partners thinking.



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Keishorne Scott
Keishorne Scott is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Award Winner and Entrepreneur who was born in the Town Of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Barbados and then moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of eight where he has been resting his head ever since. While growing up in Canarsie in Brookyn he knew he was going to be the one to make a change. Inspired by friends and family; he knew he had the love and support to pursue in making a difference. Keishorne is also the founder of the “One More Educated Black Man” Mentoring Organization. By having such support he has been able to create this organization that allows the youth to step outside of the box and create futures of their own by gaining a helping hand for positive men who cares.

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