April 13, 2015
What Godly Women Should Look For In A Man?
May 8, 2015

Love is the most common emotional feeling. It drives a person to continue living. It is the foundation of life to become emotionally mature and to achieve belongingness.

Stop being angry about what you’ve lost or who left you or who isn’t there anymore. Stop being upset and sad because you feel like you wasted your time with someone who broke your heart. This only makes you weak! It happened! So, no, it’s not a dream; it’s real. He/she is gone! Heartbreak’s a teacher. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be angry, and it’s ok to grieve and be upset. It’s ok. But just don’t stay there! Never allow one person to paralyze you! I know it’s hard; trust me I do. I’ve been through it. But we have to keep moving forward. We have to keep hope alive in ourselves. Stop being upset at what you’ve lost and start getting excited about what you got coming! It’s time to let go and move on! We cannot have hope for the past! We can only have hope for the future. It’s time for goodbye.✌

Keishorne Scott
Keishorne Scott is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Award Winner and Entrepreneur who was born in the Town Of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Barbados and then moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of eight where he has been resting his head ever since. While growing up in Canarsie in Brookyn he knew he was going to be the one to make a change. Inspired by friends and family; he knew he had the love and support to pursue in making a difference. Keishorne is also the founder of the “One More Educated Black Man” Mentoring Organization. By having such support he has been able to create this organization that allows the youth to step outside of the box and create futures of their own by gaining a helping hand for positive men who cares.

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