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You will know the tree by the fruit that it bears, therefore you will know who I am and what I'm about by what I do with my life. God is not done wit me yet.

About Keishorne

Bestselling Author | Relationship Coach | Renowned Speaker | Award Winner


Keishorne Scott is a Man of God, husband, great father, relationship coach, bestselling author and renowned speaker.

Keishorne built his brand from scratch. At 25, he became a best-selling author of the inspirational book L.I.F.E, soaring to the New York Time’s bestseller list in 2012. At 27, he started his first company, Keishorne Scott, LLC, a relationship coaching and speaking business offering speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, seminars and reading material. Keishorne is extremely hardworking and persistent, he got himself on globally televised shows, radio shows, and in magazines to tell his story. Keishorne has gone to speak at many schools, colleges and universities, he has been interviewed on various radio shows to promote his books along with other high profile locations. Let me not forget to mention he has thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. I am sure you have seen one of his viral relationship videos before.
Keishorne decided to turn his life experiences into his passion, to bless those who have gone through what he went through. Raised in Brooklyn, but born in Trinidad, Keishorne is no stranger to diverse ethnicities, cultures and people. He is well liked and heart advocate.  

Keishorne made his fair share of mistakes like most young men, but has also learned a lot along the way. Keishorne is no stranger to struggle, poverty or pain; hurt or adversity. Growing up in a one bedroom basement and not attending college til very late in his life, keishorne still rose above hardship and living at the bottom. By God's grace he is shining brighter than ever.

Keishorne has gone to publish three books; L.I.F.E., Keishorne says!, and Heart of Gold, with L.I.F.E and Heart of Gold hitting the Amazon bestseller list, in 2012 and In 2016. He has two audio inspirational mixtapes; Reinvention and The Elephant In the Room. Keishorne is a renowned relationship coach and is taking his passion and gifts on stage to inspire, encourage and uplift many about God, relationships and love. Keishorne is a storyteller; funny, engaging, authentic and inspiring.
Keishorne is a gifted young man with many talents, he is reaping the benefits of his obedience to God. Book him for your upcoming events, join his one-on-one coaching calls or just email him to say ‘Hi’. Keishorne is one of the real ones, and what’s beautiful… is that he is not done yet!

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